Chris Andrews

Born in London, in October of 1942, Christopher Frederick Andrews formed his own group, Chris Ravel and The Ravers, in the mid-to-late nineteen fifties. He coupled his ability to sing with that of being able to write songs.

It was in the ‘Swinging Sixties’ that, as Chris Andrews, he came to the fore in both of these fields. “The First Time” and “We Are In Love” were hits for fellow Englishman, Adam Faith, and “Girl Don’t Come”, “I’ll Stop At Nothing”, “Message Understood” and “Long Live Love” all did wonders for the career of the barefooted singer, Sandie Shaw.

As a recording artist Chris’s heyday came in 1965, with his release of “Yesterday Man”. The single reached No.3 in Britain, No. 13 in Australia and No.1 in Germany and Ireland.

“Yesterday Man” was soon followed by “To Whom It Concerns”. Although it peaked at No.13 in Britain, subsequent releases pointed to the fact that the popularity of his own recordings, in his homeland, was definitely on wane. Fortunately for Chris, this decline was not detected in mainland Europe and this success extended to South Africa, in 1969 and 1970.

Despite the calibre of his work, neither Chris’s songs nor his recordings created scarcely more than a ripple on the American pop scene. This, in spite of the apex of his career having matched that of the so-called ‘British Invasion’.

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