Katrina And The Waves

Katrina and The Waves was a quartet which formed in 1981 and consisted of two members who were American by birth, namely Katrina Leskanich and Vince de la Cruz. Its other members, Kimberley Rew and Alex Cooper were born in England.

The Waves had been a group from Cambridge, in England, which formed in 1975 and included guitarist, Kimberley and Alex, as its drummer. Katrina, a vocalist and keyboardist, and guitarist, Vince, came to this group by the way of another English band, Mama’s Cookin’.

Originally, also known as The Waves, the newly morphed group was renamed as Katrina and The Waves, in 1982.

Initially, its success was achieved in Canada, and consequently that was where its first album, ‘Walking On Sunshine’, was released. It was to be 1984-’85 before the single of this same name became an extensive international hit.

Regardless of the fact that Katrina and The Waves continued to record for years to come the quartet’s subsequent achievements on the charts were little more than sporadic and indifferent. That is, until 1997 when like a bolt from the blue the group, representing the United Kingdom and performing “Love Shine A Light”, recorded an emphatic victory in that year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Despite the single of this victorious song reaching its zenith at No.3 on the British charts, it was not to be a global success in the vein of “Walking On Sunshine”. Katrina Leskanich departed from the band, in 1998, and before the birth of the new millennium, the remaining three members had also gone their separate ways.