The Gun

I have selected “Race With The Devil” by The Gun because it is an example of early heavy metal. Written by Adrian Gurvitz, and recorded by this trio from London, in 1968, it reached a peak of No.8 on the British singles’ chart, and No.15 in Australia. The Gun included Adrian and his brother, Paul.

“Race With The Devil” was revived by Girlschool, in 1980. However, its version did not enjoy the success on the charts, as had The Gun’s.

Adrian Gurvitz, some fourteen years later, wrote and recorded the far more sedate, “Classic”, which reached its zenith in Britain at No.8, and, in Australia, at No.1, in 1982.

The names of more of my favourite recordings can be found in the suggested playlists. I shall be adding to it from time to time.