Glaciers Have Melted Previously, Sea Levels Have Ebbed And Flowed

We enjoy watching the British series on real estate, ‘Escape To The Country’. Three particular programmes in the perennial reality show come to mind as each contains a reference as to how the Earth’s climate has changed over aeons.

Firstly, one that is based in the county of Cumbria in which the host announces that the sixteen picturesque lakes after which the Lake District received its name were in fact created when glaciers melted.

Secondly, another edition, set in the county of East Sussex had a historian explain that when King Henry VIII had a particular castle built it was, in fact, located right on the coast and, yet, it now stands quite a distance inland.

Yet another programme of the series, set in Shropshire, examines an outcrop of rock that contains fossils of marine life that once existed when the county was located beneath a shallow sea.

The Earth’s climate has always changed and will continue to do so.

However, the incineration of the Amazonian rain forest — which once supplied the planet with twenty per cent of its oxygen — is not due to climatic change, but rather an ever burgeoning global population that not only desires its contents, but its land on which to graze cattle, as well as grow crops.

Unfortunately, I have heard it espoused that although such soils promote lush growth for plants of such forests their ability to support agricultural crops with the nutrition they require is a relatively ephemeral one and more often than not are left to lie abandoned.