Survival Well And Truly Earned: Wednesday, 16th November, 1977

Tiki angrily chided me for not having washed the dishes last night. We drove to work in relatively cool, overcast conditions. The maximum temperature only reached twenty-one degrees Celsius.

The general demeanour of Tiki’s boss is getting her down and, therefore, it was my suggestion that we should eat at McDonald’s this afternoon. I had two Fillet-o-fish burgers and a new banana thick shake whilst she consumed French fries, a Quarter Pounder and a banana thick shake.

“Willesee”, presented at seven o’clock by Paul Makin, included a segment on the allegations that have been levelled at the Federal Treasurer, Phillip Lynch, which accuse him of improper conduct that centres upon his alleged ownership of land.

My sister, Susan, rang to inform me that she and Roger are expecting to receive financial approval to purchase a brick house in Mooroolbark, an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne, at a cost of thirty-five thousand, five hundred dollars. Mooroolbark apparently lies between Ringwood and Lilydale, some twenty-six miles from the city’s centre.

We talked about the young man of eighteen who was knocked off his pushbike in Epping Road, Lane Cove, on the thirtieth of October. He was flung into Stringy Bark Creek and in spite of being burdened by a compound fracture to a leg, and dependent for his survival upon the consumption of weeds and water from the creek, still managed to crawl during a period of thirteen days to raise the alarm at a neighbouring house last Saturday.

It was almost half past nine before Tiki and I departed on our walk via the usual route. Tiki retired at half past ten, but I remained and watched the first hour of the film, “Missing At Malibu”. Produced in 1974 its cast includes Susan Strasberg and Michael “Then Came Bronson” Parkes.