Vicky Leandros

The daughter of composer, musician and singer, Leandros Papathanasiou, Vassiliki Papathanasiou was born on the Greek island of Corfu, in August of 1949. After she had moved to live in Germany with her father, at the age of eight, Vassiliki soon revealed her musical talents.

Vassiliki, under the name of Vicky, recorded her first single in 1965, with Leandros supporting her career as not only the composer of her recordings, but also in the capacities of being her manager and producer.

In 1967, as the representative of neighbouring Luxembourg, Vicky finished fourth in the Eurovision Song Contest. Three years later, as Vicky Leandros, she was granted her own show, ‘Ich Bin’, which was widely televised, in Europe, and eventually gained a substantial audience.

Nineteen seventy-two saw her represent Luxembourg for a second time, only this time her performance of “Apres Toi” (“Come What May”) won the Eurovision Song Contest. Vicky recorded the song in seven languages and the single sold more than six million copies; in spite of its inability to chart in the United States.

The English title “Come What May” is not the translation of “Apres Toi”, however, it was deemed appropriate because it, too, contains three syllables.

Vicky Leandros’s career has continued to span the decades via a steady stream of albums that must rank her amongst the most productive of artists. “Come What May” will always remain on the list of my favourite recordings.