Controversial Film: Tuesday, 29th November, 1977

After I had finished work for the day, I drove to Caringbah and, on the third and top floor of the store, Waltons, wrote out a cheque to the amount of eighty-one dollars and twelve cents, which was the amount required to cover contributions to the Medical Benefits’ Fund for the next two months. Upon my return to the Venture store’s undercover car park, I set out for neighbouring Miranda and allowed the ‘Galant’ to occupy a space in the open rectangular car park that lies between Miranda Fair and the store, Barters. In the arcade that links the car park with Kiora Road, I purchased groceries to the sum of fourteen dollars from the supermarket, Jewel.

At six o’clock, in this evening’s edition of the series, “Doc”, the elderly Dr. Joe Bogert, played by Barnard Hughes, is bequeathed two hundred and forty thousand dollars in the will of an elderly female patient.

We departed at eight, having watched “And Mother Makes Five”, to jog and walk through Gymea and Miranda. I retired at eleven after I had watched the opening half an hour of the film, “The Night Of The Iguana”, from 1964. Its cast includes the acclaimed British pairing of Richard Burton and Deborah Kerr, Ava Gardner and Sue Lyon, whose provocative teenage role in the film, “Lolita”, was the source of considerable controversy two years prior to this.


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